Model Data

We welcome you to view animated gif files (~1.8 Mb) depicting the model domain and sea surface elevation from initial model execution

The following animation shows the surface circulation forced by wind and tides in Lunenburg Bay September 11 through 13, 2003

The Bay Modelling Group have four objectives:

(1) Develop a high-resolution coastal ocean forecast model for Lunenburg Bay

(2) Couple this Bay forecast model to the atmospheric general circulation model and the shelf circulation model via the MSC coupler

(3) Assimilate the real-time observations into the Bay forecast model

(4) Evaluate the model's forecasting skill by comparing the model results with the real-time observations in the Bay

Initially, the development of the Bay forecast model will focus on the barotropic physical state (sea level andvertically-integrated water velocity) on the time scales of tidally-driven motions. It will be extended progressively over the course of the project to predict vertical structure variability of currents, temperature and salinity on weekly time scales associated with upwelling/downwelling events.