The Centre for Marine Environmental Prediction strives to:

  • Develop new technologies for observation, prediction and visualization of the marine environment;
    The main research goal of CMEP is marine prediction using advanced numerical forecasting techniques, guided and tested using environmental observation systems. Interdisciplinary research and interactions between atmospheric scientists, oceanographers and technological specialists will be standard operating procedure for CMEP.

  • Test the new technologies in the real world;
    Approaches and tools will be tested in pilot projects, jointly with government agencies and local industry, in order to demonstrate their effectiveness and economic return, both locally and in terms of export potential. One pilot project will be in Lunenburg, where a physical-biological observation system will be linked to a constantly-updated descriptive and predictive model.

  • Transfer technology;
    Partnerships with the private and government sector are fundamental to CMEP.  These two sectors will be represented on CMEP's advisory board. 

  • Train highly qualified personnel;
    To meet the demand for scientists, technicians and managers who can operate in this rapidly developing field, CMEP will develop new curricula for university students, employ research associates, and host visitors from private and government sectors for training and collaboration.

  • Educate the public;
    New methods for visualization of the marine environment and interactive exchange of information will help students, managers, and the general public to understand and appreciate changes in their marine environment.