CMEP Updates

2. The Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program has contributed significantly to CMEP.
  • Keith Thompson was appointed to a Tier I Chair in Environmental Statistics. Thompson now contributes more to research and the development of CMEP; he is one of the leaders of the new GOAPP (Global Ocean-Atmosphere Prediction and Predictability) initiative .
  • Michael Dowd assumed an Assistant Professor position in Environmental Statistics, funded in part by salary savings associated with Thompson’s CRC. He has become actively involved in CMEP research, including the Lunenburg project.
  • Helmuth Thomas was appointed a Tier II CRC Chair in Biogeochemistry. He has joined the Lunenburg Project, contributing technology for automated sensing of carbon dioxide concentrations in ocean and atmosphere.
  • Katja Fennel is our newest Tier II CRC, in Marine Prediction. She is developing an active program of research at Dalhousie.